Saturday, August 7, 2010

Catching up...

Been sooo busy- we're moving in the next week, and I just have not had time to do things like blog!  So, here's my Friday Photo Love, a day late...

1. [Teahouse at Koishikawa the morning after a snowfall] (LOC), 2. The moon over Gillette, 3. WOW now that's a macro!!!!!..looks like mega maccaroni, 4. Burgess (LOC), 5. Woman in a rowing boat, 6. Calocybe gambosa (St George's Mushroom) 9430, 7. Sailor of HMAS "Australia" fondles woman's string of pearls, c. 1929 / by Sam Hood, 8. Harry Furniss, (who worked in Australia as Paul Furniss), actor, director, author, singer and dancer, ca. 1927-1939 / photographer unknown, 9. West Moat (Explored), 10. Young women running over a sand dune on an unidentified beach, ca. 1935, 11. Gypsy woman and two young children, 12. 'Lavender Water Lilies', 13. Home life in Japan., 14. Buddha on Wood, 15. Young woman riding on the back of a turtle at Mon Repos Beach, 16. Blossom Canopy

As you can probably tell, I discovered the Flickr Commons this week.  WOW.  What a great resource!  I can't believe some of the strange photos there. 

Speaking of photos, I'm afraid I won't have anything new to share with you over the next week or two, as the camera is packed up.  I'm sure it'll go quick though.

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  1. Ooh, there are some really neat photos there. Thanks for including my moon shot!