Saturday, August 28, 2010

Much better

Today was a much better day.  My hair is fixed, though I still don't have a picture of it.  Mostly because I'm the picture taker of the family, although Maya and Caylin have both been into snapping their own pictures.  I love seeing things from their perspectives.  Here are Maya's (3) pictures from the other night:
She has such an obsession with feet & shoes, I think its just hilarious.  Of course, they're right at her level.  I also love that she took a picture up her tiny little nose.  I think it's really too cute.

Now for Caylin (9), she was feeling a little bit bored at the zoo today, so at certain "boring" moments, I allowed her to use my camera.  Here's what came back from her:

I think she did a pretty good job.  We had several that we couldn't use a flash on and she wiggles a bit, so they came out a little blurry, but I like how she zoomed in close on quite a few of the subjects.  She really has a good eye for that kind of thing.

We had a really good time at the zoo today.  We saw all the animals we wanted, skipped the ones that didn't matter, saw the bird show & went on the train.  It was a very nice excursion with the family.

Now, apparently I'm just under my monthly maximum download capacity on Flickr.  So, do I stay at my free account status, or is time to upgrade to pro?  I think I'll give it another couple of months before I make a decision.  But, tell me what you think.  Have you upgraded?  Do you wish you did/didn't?  Is it worth the $25 bucks?? 

Friday, August 27, 2010

Moment of Temporary Insanity & Friday Photo Love

Happy Friday to you!  Hopefully it's been happy to you.  I've tried to stay on the happy side.

Yesterday was a bit rough though.  I decided after two or three months of not wearing make-up that I was really not comfortable natural like that and the next day I would start wearing make-up again.  Then all of a sudden, after two or three months of not noticing my make-up-less face, my husband decides to ask me why I stopped wearing it.  Needless to say, this huge horrible wave of female emotion came over me, and I was moments from breaking into tears in the middle of the sandwich shop.  I couldn't even talk to him except for one or two words after that, for fear I'd start crying!  How ridiculous. 

I wish that was it, but it gets worse.

I picked up hair color while I was out picking up supper... see, you think you know where this is going, but just wait... So, I colored my hair, and after I was done rinsing the color out, I decided that I wanted bangs.  And not just that I wanted bangs, but I wanted bangs NOW.  So, after hunting down the scissors, I hacked off some of my hair into "bangs".  Very short bangs.  And then I thought "maybe putting some layers in will fix the very short bang look." 

Now, I don't have anything against pixie cuts, but unless you want one, don't cut your own hair.  And NEVER cut it when you're already angry and blue.  Or when you have work the next day.

Thankfully, my stylist was able to get me in tonight, and kept the teasing minimal.  And actually, I got more compliments on my hair from my coworkers than I've ever received.  So, does that mean that it really was a good style, or was it just that horrible that they were trying to make me feel better??

Anyway, on to Friday Photo Love.  Here are my favorites ( and NO, my new style will NOT be showing up in my favorites).
  1. cupcake themed owls :), 2. Siargao Island Trip -65.jpg, 3. Belly Flop!!!!, 4. Day 197/365 - You are my sunshine, 5. Planets, 6. Goslings, 7. 53/365....Happiness all wrapped up...., 8. They call it mellow yellow, 9. wild

I've got a lot of naturey type pictures this week.  Lots of flowers... apparently I'm missing my garden already.  If you want to play along with Friday Photo Love, visit the Polka Dot Cottage!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

We celebrated my mom's birthday today, with a trip to the Brewer's game.  While they did not win, we did have fun...

game watching...

cheering for racing sausages...

surprising mom...

The move is done, and we are mostly set up until we find our new place.  This past week had mostly consisted of getting the kids ready for going to their new school, arranging for new troops/packs, and all that fun stuff that comes mid-August.  And while I'm hoping that it will calm down soon, I don't think we'll have any calm for some time, especially with 3 children in school, 2 in scouts, 1 planning on football, 1 planning on archery, and Mike in school as well!  I'll definitely be looking for those little moments in which to catch my breath.  I hope you're able to find them too. editing software is currently in storage on my other computer... please forgive me for the lacking in editing ability here. 

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Catching up...

Been sooo busy- we're moving in the next week, and I just have not had time to do things like blog!  So, here's my Friday Photo Love, a day late...

1. [Teahouse at Koishikawa the morning after a snowfall] (LOC), 2. The moon over Gillette, 3. WOW now that's a macro!!!!!..looks like mega maccaroni, 4. Burgess (LOC), 5. Woman in a rowing boat, 6. Calocybe gambosa (St George's Mushroom) 9430, 7. Sailor of HMAS "Australia" fondles woman's string of pearls, c. 1929 / by Sam Hood, 8. Harry Furniss, (who worked in Australia as Paul Furniss), actor, director, author, singer and dancer, ca. 1927-1939 / photographer unknown, 9. West Moat (Explored), 10. Young women running over a sand dune on an unidentified beach, ca. 1935, 11. Gypsy woman and two young children, 12. 'Lavender Water Lilies', 13. Home life in Japan., 14. Buddha on Wood, 15. Young woman riding on the back of a turtle at Mon Repos Beach, 16. Blossom Canopy

As you can probably tell, I discovered the Flickr Commons this week.  WOW.  What a great resource!  I can't believe some of the strange photos there. 

Speaking of photos, I'm afraid I won't have anything new to share with you over the next week or two, as the camera is packed up.  I'm sure it'll go quick though.