Monday, June 14, 2010

The Aviator

His future’s so bright…
He’s got to wear shades.

We visited the Air & Water show on Sunday, and it seems as though we have a couple of aspiring pilots (as well as an aspiring photographer- more on that later). Tommy and Grandma walked around for a little bit on a mission to find some food, and came back with the aviator glasses. When we got home, he was sporting them on his evening bike ride through the neighborhood (was he imagining that his bike was an airplane maybe?). And this morning, he was even wearing them for breakfast.

The sun never sets on the cool.

As for my journey into healthiness, this weekend was extremely busy, with 2 showings, a trip to the movies & the air show. Needless to say, we had a lot of fast food. But, we also did some marathon cleaning Friday night & Saturday morning, in addition to a bit of walking (about 2 miles, a good 1/3 that was uphill)! By the way- my kids rocked that walk. All three of them walked the full amount without a single complaint. I think they’re all ready for Disney World!

Today, I have restarted tracking my intake & fitness a little more closely. Intake so far is good: Approximately 2,100 calories, including dinner (WOW, it really adds up, doesn’t it? I need to start eating lighter lunches!!). I went to Yoga tonight, which burned approximately 300 calories. I currently have a set goal of 1,800 calories. So, my net is meets my goal for today!  Wo-hoo!

Oh, and before I forget… my little photographer. Maya was getting a little antsy during the parachuting demonstrations, so against my better judgment (I thought she was going to drop my camera about 10 times), I let her take a few pictures.  No, I have no idea who the people are (other than Tommy) that she took pics of.  But I love that she took several fairly nicely framed pictures of feet. She always has been a sucker for cute shoes.

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