Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Swirling around

I have thoughts right now, swirling around in my head.  It's a dangerous thing.  Often when I have thoughts swirling around, I get myself way in over my head.  I get over-ambitous.  Then, I get stuck.  Finally, I get frustrated, and do one of the following: 1.  Push through and have a less perfect than anticipated end product, 2.  Set it aside with the intention of finishing at a later date, only to be distracted by more swirling thoughts, 3.  Quit on the thought completely, only to be reminded at a later time of how I failed. 

I don't like to fail--it really bothers me.  Thus, I get stuck at the point of indecision most of the time.  And, most of my decision making I keep by myself until I've actually made the decision so that I don't drive my husband crazy.  Although, I don't think he really realizes how much of that I keep to myself. 

Part of the swirlings are the vizualizations of a baby quilt for a friend that's having a baby in about a month.  Which means I really have to get to work on it!  I have fabrics picked out I think, and I have a basic pattern picked out too.  So, tonight I have to figure out the exact measurements needed for each of the elements.  I plan on using part of the fabric above in the quilt, along with some 9-patch blocks.  This fabric is from the Hooty-Hoot Kangaroo by Doohickey Designs.  I absolutely love it, but it was still a very difficult decision!!

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